“I cannot start my Pomocup”

  1. Check if your Pomocup is charged
  2. If it doesn’t works you can do a soft reboot (press the main button to red and orange blinking (approximately 10 seconds)
  3. If this doesn’t help, please contact us

“Where can I place the Pomocup on my ski?”

Your Pomocup should be placed 15-25cm before the binding in front of your ski. Pomocup measurement doesn’t works on the shoe or bike.

“My device is not found by the phone”

  1. Check if your Pomocup is charged
  2. Check if the Bluetooth is activated on your phone
  3. Close completely you app and restart it
  4.  Press “start scan” in connection menu and find your Pomocup (ID under the Pomocup)
  5. Connect your Pomocup

“My tour automatically closes during my activity?”

  1. Check if you have the necessary minimum memory to correctly run the app
  2. It is possible to have Bluetooth connection problem with android. Please contact us.

“My Pomocup is blinking green and orange during my tour”

It means low battery on your Pomocup.

“My Pomocup is blinking green and red during my tour”

When the device is started by Skilog application green and red blink means the Pomocup lost connection with your phone.

“My Pomocup doesn’t charge”

  • (When your Pomocup is totally discharged orange blinking can appear 10min after connection with sector or computer.)
  • 1.  Check if the USB cable is correctly connect to the Pomocup
  • 2. If you can, test your USB cable on a other device to check if it’s a cable or Pomocup issue
  • 3. If your problem persist, please contact us

Notes: It is better to charge your Pomocup on sector than computer

“How can I see battery level?”

You can see battery level when your Pomocup is connected to the application only.

“I don’t find my tour after my activity in standalone”

If the device was not connected to the application before a tour in standalone or after a reset, the date is not correct and saved in a “NODATE” folder.

“I forgot my password, how can I login?”

Contact Pomocup support and you will receive an email.
When you are already login you can change your password in “Edit profile” .

“During a part of my tour, my steps were not detected.”


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